Olivia Part 3

I’d better catch up on my blogging, because we leave for Alaska tomorrow!

Here is a little more about Olivia’s trip.  I can’t share everything, because there must be some secrets!

We did a road trip to Machias, where we visited with Kathy and Steve, and then went on to Canada the next day.  Our goal was to visit Campobello, which is where the Roosevelt Family summered.  As mentioned in the blog before, this is the only jointly operated International Park – as Canada and the US are partners in developing and managing the park grounds.

It’s about a 2 hour drive to Steve and Kathy’s, so we were glad to get there and stretch our legs.  Notice their new addition in the yard (we were quite comfortable in there with the blowup mattress):

Olivia Canada-2


Along the way, we did show Olivia my favorite Haunted Mansion – still standing!

Olivia Canada-1


Kathy (aka Martha Stewart) has lots of pretty flowers growing in her yard … and tomatoes and zucchini and stuff, too:

Olivia Canada-3


We went to dinner at a great restaurant called Helen’s – they are famous for the pie – you can see why:

Olivia Canada-5 Olivia Canada-6 Olivia Canada-4


We left the next morning, and headed to Canada.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful day, and we took a moment to visit the West Quoddy Lighthouse – this is where Lou won the nice lighthouse throw we have in the “nautical” room in Florida:

Olivia Canada-7

Olivia Canada-8


We headed into Canada and toured Campobello, including inside the Roosevelt summer home:

Olivia Canada-10 Olivia Canada-11 Olivia Canada-12

I think Olivia enjoyed her short visit into Canada (although we should have asked to get her Passport stamped).  We made a couple more stops in Lubec – the Easternmost town in the US – but we’ll save that for the next update.

Olivia Canada-9

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  1. great photos, Sharon. It’s nice to see the photos of Campobello. I really enjoyed the visit we had there…. quite a few years ago! Olivia is growing into a beautiful young woman. Have a wonderful time in Alaska. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great photos!

  2. What a nice trip-within-a-trip for Olivia! Hope you’re all packed and ready for Alaska. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Got to get that girl to Key West so she can knock out 2 of the 4 corners of the U.S. (easternmost and southernmost).
    I think I’d rather sleep in S&K’s addition than the haunted house – too scary! Although, after a piece of that delicious strawberry pie, I’d sleep anywhere!
    Great pics – thanks for sharing! Have a great trip!

    • And a big thank you from Steve for only eating half of your chocolate cream pie. He had the strawberry pie same as Olivia and then Sharon’s left over chocolate cream the next day. The best of both worlds, they were both yummy!

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