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Moving in – More Progress

An early blog post today, for those of you eagerly awaiting answers to yesterday’s questions.

1)  The TV arrived as scheduled.  After the guy dumped it upstairs (Amazon White Glove service is not all that … ), we found out that a) it fit on the stand, and b) it worked.






2)  The mattresses, ordered from a local furniture store did arrive (a few days late, but they made it).  They fit, and we guess they work – Mij can check them out when she arrives this weekend:




We did notice that the movers for the new furniture forgot to install the feet on the dresser.  A close up of the lamps – Lou picked these out.




And, an overview of the room.  It’s a big room.  We still have to sort out accent pieces, but at least all the big stuff is in place.




3)  The local phone/internet provider did not make their scheduled appointment yesterday.  They called about 3PM to say they would be here today – sometime between 8AM and 5PM.  We aren’t holding our breath.  Oh well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

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  1. Maybe an Oriental room divider would set the room off … you’re getting bold in your color schemes I must say! Hah ha!

  2. The headboard looks like it fits perfectly…another inch and you’d be shopping again!

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