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First, thanks to Jeannette/Grandma for quickly responding to my question about photo galleries. I’ll use a couple to supplement this post later, but do let me know if it slows stuff down too much for you. Just too many pics for my regular “inline” posting routine. We’ve just been relaxing today – and getting to know our dog again. She’s just the same – sleeping or full of mischief.

Yellowstone – Thursday, Sep 20th – the rest of the dayI left off before our visit to Norris Geyser Basin.  This is a very large Thermal Basin area, set up with boardwalks so you can walk around, as well as a small museum about geysers and such.  This one was interesting because there was a lot of thermal activity, and some small geysers that were continuously erupting.

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After Norris Geyser Basin, we stopped for a picnic lunch at another interesting spot:

After lunch (excellent picnic lunches from Ernie’s Deli in West Yellowstone), we took some photos of the area, then went to Mammoth Hot Springs.  Again, we had time to walk around.  Lou & I were both worn out – we waiting by the van, but we did see a beautiful Geyser Basin as we drove out of the area:

Lou took these two photos; these are some of my favorites from the trip to Yellowstone:

After touring the geyser area, we dropped down to Mammoth Hotsprings and had some time to wander around town before dinner at the dining room for the Hotel.  Some of us opted for a relaxing drink in the lounge ;).  We’ll have to go back to see the Visitor’s Center.  Dinner was good, although once again the service was protracted.

After dinner, we saw large numbers of elk out on the town square – there was a Bull at one end, and one at another:

And, from the other end of town, these cows came running down the street, followed by “their” Bull — we were walking back to the parking lot when the Ranger yells, “in the building” and we ducked into the closest door.  They (the elk) turned back and headed up the hills, but it was exciting.

And, then we got back in the van for our almost 2 hour drive back to the hotel.  A shot of the sunset, out of the window of the van:

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