Bears of Silver Salmon Creek 2019

This is the front page to the report on our second trip to Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark National Park. This is a bear viewing destination, near Soldotna, Alaska. This is our second visit to Silver Salmon Creek, and our second stay at the wonderful Alaska Homestead Lodge, owned and operated by James and Shelia Isaac.

The entries for this report are interwoven into our regular family blog. To make it easier to read just the stories about the bears, this link will take you to the starting point. Once you reach the bottom of the first post, there will be a link to take you to the next post, and so on.

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Following is a link to each post in this report. You can click on the photo or post title to go directly to a specific post.

  • On to Lake Clark National Park
    Note – if you arrived here via a link we provided to read about our Bear Viewing Adventure, you will find a link at the bottom of each post that takes you to the next post in the series. (20 August 2019) We can bearly wait to get […]
  • The Rest of Day 1 – Bear Yoga and More
    After lunch, we had time to rest or take a nap, as we wouldn’t go out for the afternoon shoot until 2:30pm. Timing for exploring is built around meals, but also influenced by the tides. It didn’t take long to find a sleepy bear at the beach. A […]
  • Sunrise at the Beach – Day 2, Part 1
    (21 August 2019) It is tradition to go out for sunrise photo shoots, and we decided to go on our second day at the lodge. We were on our way before 6:30am, just a few of us being crazy enough to get up this early. Even though there […]
  • What does the Fox Say, Day 2 Part 2
    It is only 10:30am, and we are already on post #2 for the day. For the next two hours, we traveled to several different spots and watched bears do bear things. Click to enlarge the photos. We thought we were done for the morning, but on the way […]
  • Lou goes on an Optional Excursion, Day 2 Part 3
    Lou decided to go fishing in the afternoon. He had always wanted to fish for salmon. So he and one of the other guys, Michael, went fishing at the creek. Apparently he had fun, but didn’t catch any fish. Michael did catch enough for dinner. Belle prepared the […]
  • In Search of the Three Bears; Day 3, Part 1
    (22 August 2019) My oh my, what a fantastic breakfast. Some people don’t understand why I take food photos. And some (even other photographers) find it silly or annoying. But this is why I document some of our meals. Such a perfect spread – French Toast, Bacon (come […]
  • Same Drill – More Bears; Day 3, Part 2
    Our afternoon session started on a high note. As we approached the Creek Crossing, out came a bear. Not just any bear – this is OUR bear. The one who greeted us on arrival. She has some distinctive white markings on her chin. She ambled right by us, […]
  • A Quiet Day – Day 4
    (23 August 2019) We were out at 6am, hoping to catch another beautiful sunrise and maybe some early morning bears at the beach. We did see a bear as soon as we made it to the beach. We then went further north, hoping to set up for sunrise, […]
  • Morning Magic – Day 5, Part 1
    (24 August 2019) Our last full day had arrived. The previous day was quiet, and we only saw one bear (but also didn’t go out on every opportunity). This is why we prefer to book a five night stay at the lodge. You can take some time out, […]
  • The Magic Continues; Day 5, Part 2
    The bears didn’t get far before the antics started again. One of the cubs found a (dead) halibut. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it; he pushed it down the beach, chewed it, and kicked it. Finally, the. bear family finished up at the beach and […]
  • A Bear Catches a Fish!!! Day 5, Part 3
    We’ve been clicking, clicking, clicking the shutter, hoping to catch the bear and the fish at the perfect second. So far today,, everything has been going our way; would our good fortune continue? The after lunch session started at the creek crossing, which is a favorite place to […]
  • Blondie & the Two Bears – A Fairy Tale Ending
    This had already been an incredible day, and we were truly amazed as we kept repeating, “Can you believe everything we’ve seen today?” The next hour did not disappoint. The guides figured our best bet was to work our way back to the creek crossing, and they urged […]
  • Leaving Lake Clark
    Sadly, it was time to pack and say goodbye to the bears and our wonderful hosts for the week, Shelia and James. Belle, our awesome guide, offered to take some of us out for a pre-breakfast photo shoot, but we all opted to skip the early morning outing, […]

Every Day was awesome on this trip, so we hope you enjoy folllowing our journey. We post our travel stories as a way to preserve the memories. Sharing with friends and families is a bonus.