More of the Same

No alarming headlines, and before I continue, rest assured all dogs and humans are well.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, Lou somehow managed to stick a screwdriver in his hand. Because of the blood thinners he is taking, and the fact that we don't need an infection starting, we were once again off to the Emergency Room (it seems to function as the local Urgent Care facility as well). Even though it was fairly busy, he was quickly seen and taken care of. A good cleaning, a tetanus shot, and a couple of stitches, and we were back on the road to home. The nurse told us to come back to the emergency room in 7 days to get the stitches out. I don't think they do that at Seattle Grace.

When I showed him the photos I was posting, he barely looked at them – just said, “remember this when it's your turn …” But, since I really just have atmosphere shots, I think he will be a good sport. The PA who stitched him up said you'd be surprised how many people make him stop so they can take a photo and put it on facebook. At least I didn't do that.

This is three unplanned events – let's hope that is the magic number.


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  1. Once you hit a certain age __ every day is an unplanned event! Even when great care and detail is given to your planning!

    Glad to hear Stitch has a great insurance plan! Obamacare is already working for him – being on his parents (duh!) insurance until he is 26!

    • Yeah – Stitch has a great insurance plan – or wallet! Can’t believe the prices they charge here for a vet visit and blood work. We may have to move back to Arizona.

  2. I think all these rush trips — vet and ER, might be a training period for coming
    events (God forbid). Sharon, are you improving your driving time with each trip?
    LJD might have to be given an “off limits” list — for anything with points, too heavy,
    and hot! He is not setting a good example for the pups!!!

  3. Honestly… when “More of the Same” includes a trip to the ER I think it could be time for something new and different!

  4. Why is someone who is supposed to resting and gradually working up to 15 minute walks doing manual labor? I would this you’d have to working pretty hard to drive a screwdriver through your hand…

    Inquiring loved ones want to know!

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