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Apologies for no new content. Life is just too darned boring, which we think is a good thing. These photos showed up in my memories today. So funny. We have not, to this day, figured out how Stitch got his little (as in very big) wide body butt on top of the bar top in the Florida house. 

This first photo is for perspective. You can see how high the bar top is, compared to the floor. 


And now – here is where Stitch ended up, when he decided he needed the expensive Boar’s Head Sub that Lou had left on the counter. Amazing.  How did he get his fat butt up there?  We will never know, but we do know he is very food-motivated. 


Be Safe!!!

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  1. You want to talk about boring…Okay…let’s talk boring…the highlight of my day to eliminate boring is waiting for your posts…and when you don’t post one, boring has a whole new meaning…oh my Gosh…no post from Sharon, the pups and Lou…now what do I do…the boredom becomes overwhelming…I hope you are pleased with yourself for no post! Obviously it is all about you!! I hope you are proud of yourselves.

    I love the dog determination for the sandwich. My golden retriever ate the whole Thanksgiving turkey off the stove top!! I think I win…AMY

    • Haha. You win. Turkey beats Italian Sub. Good to hear from you. Living vicariously through us is bound to be boring. I’ve gone a whole couple of weeks without embarrassing myself out in public (we aren’t counting things like spitting hot tea all over my shirt, or dripping my salad down the front of my shirt …)

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