Embarkation Week 2 – Plus Bonus Pics

We will start the reporting on Week Two of the 2016 F&F Uncruise Adventure with a look back to the end of Week One. I found some more photos of our group at Mendenhall Glacier when we were stopped in Juneau on 09 July 2016. So here we go, just for fun. Some of these are updated versions of the ones posted originally. Click to enlarge.

Week 2 officially started at 5pm when we boarded the Wilderness Discoverer. Everyone had the same rooms as before.  Our clean laundry was also delivered to our staterooms. Not sure why I have no photos of the reboarding process, but it was much like the first day- stand in line, get your picture taken, get escorted to your room … I also realized I haven’t posted any photos of our rooms. I forget not everyone has read our lengthy report on our 2013 voyage. The Wilderness Discoverer was not luxurious, but it was fairly comfortable. The rooms were small, but had their own bathrooms with shower. And truthfully, you don’t spend much time in the room. The room in the middle had a double and a twin, with a door to the outside deck. (Note – the room on the end was quite comfortable and was the choice for the elderly contingent).

As we motored out of Juneau, we saw a sister ship – the Wilderness Adventurer.  Their Captain shared an Orca sighting, so we were able to see Orcas on our first night out for Week No. 2.  They were rather lazy, just playing in the water, but it was still great to see them.

Click HERE to get started on our first full day of Week 2.

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