Machias – It’s Blueberry Festival Time

We interrupt the tour of Alaska to bring a real time blog.  Lou and I are in Machiasport this weekend, visiting Kathy & Steve.  Kathy snagged front row seats for the Blueberry Festival Musical, and it was another big hit!

In case you are wondering, Natasha and Stitch are spending the weekend at the Canine Country Club.

The musical is held in the Congregational Church, and it always sells out:

Machias - 2


Machias - 1


Machias - 3


Machias - 4


We arrived early to get our great seats, and also to enjoy the preliminary show presented by the orchestra.  They surely love playing to the crowd.

The title of this year’s production was “Blueberry to the Future.”  The show is a parody and was written and produced by a local high school music teacher.  Each year they choose a popular TV show, movie, or other theme to show us the importantance of Wild Maine Blueberries in the universe.

Young Doctor Hemmit Blue was a dead ringer for our dentist, Dr. Benson – and once Lou pointed it out, I could only imagine our dentist on the stage:

Machias - 7


A very popular and lively number was “They’re Raking Men” (those are blueberry rakes), sung to the tune of “It’s Raining Men.”

Machias - 5


The Tambourine Toccatas have a part in every year’s show:

Machias - 6


The final number featured the whole cast and the little Oompa Loompa Blueberry Fairies:

Machias - 8


It was a heck of a lot of fun!  Today (Saturday) we went to the Festival and checked out all the crafts.  Fortunately, it was a cool day, so we were able to walk around for a couple of hours.  We then had a huge lunch at a local favorite – Helen’s Restaurant.  Just chilling tonight with Kathy and Steve.


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  1. This is so Maine! Maine’s little blueberries have spoiled me for the big, fat ones. They have so much more flavor.

  2. What a pretty church! Looks like a fun day, but I didn’t see any blueberry pie in any of those pics… Maybe that’s to tomorrow’s breakfast!

  3. Ah Beth, you know him so well. Lou & Sharon got pie to go from Helen’s. Lou’s was blueberry and Sharon’s was coconut cream. I believe Sharon started on hers Friday night, but Lou had his for breakfast the next morning. 😉

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