Lunch, a Mid-Day Break, and More Bears

After seeing the flagrant violation of rules and disregard for the bears, we returned to the Lodge for lunch and a rest. As you can see, the guys are wiped out! Lou and I took breaks most afternoons, but some of the guys went to every session.

Lunch looked good – noodles, broccoli stir fry, and grilled chicken. And of course, cookies.

And since we are eating, I will just go straight into dinner. As I mentioned, Lou and I didn’t go out for the afternoon session. We rested, and also visited with the Ranger who came by the Lodge to interview some of us and pick up some photos of the fishing incident.

Dinner started with a salad and the ever-present wonderfully fresh-baked rolls.

I remember this dinner like it was just a short four years ago … which is to say, I have no idea what the main course was, since I apparently didn’t get a photo. I’m going to guess grilled salmon, since it was our last night at the lodge. I was obviously distracted by this amazing Boston Creme Cake …

Now that we have caught up on food, let’s turn back to the bears. We spotted Crimp Ear and cubs from the lounge window – looks like they were heading back to the beach. Off we went.

Crimp Ear was successful with the fishing right away. I also notice how once the fish stops wiggling, the bears almost always set it down so they can shake out the water from their fur.

No one is going hungry tonight! This is just the start of the show. We will break here, and come back for more in the next post.

Click HERE for, yes, more …more bears!

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