Lou’s Progress, Day 2

First, to answer some questions, we won’t know about the car for a couple days … but the prognosis is “not good.”  Cars can be fixed and I’m just glad the evening had a happy ending.  I have the Jeep Wrangler to drive for now.


Back to Lou. He had a very productive day. He has walked quite a bit, including down the corridor and back, and even did some steps. I was there this morning for one of his shorter walks:
He finally got to eat his breakfast – the staff is very attentive and he had someone in his room all morning. He did eat sitting up, which was good:
Later in the morning, he had a visit from Theo … the hospital therapy dog. Theo tried to climb up on the bed with Lou. They were a good match … big guys!
I came home for awhile at noon, then took a drive to pick up an extra tall walker for Lou, so he would have it tomorrow. He will probably come home tomorrow.  He was proud of his physical therapy in the afternoon … walking down the corridor and back, and also practiced on stairs.

I dropped the walker off and visited for awhile, but left him to get a short nap before dinner (him, not me). He said I just missed the doctor, who came by and took off the big ace bandage and said his leg looked good. Hopefully he will have a good night and get some sleep. 

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  1. Thank you so much for all the updates Sharon! It’s good to “see” him since we can’t be there in person. Glad to hear everything is going well so far, and thank you for all that you’re doing! Keep up the good work Pops!

    I’m so proud of your newly acquired mad cooking skills! You go girl! Might a chocolate soufflé be on the menu next?

  2. Lou looks great! Glad to hear the therapy is starting out so well. How great to get a visit from Theo. That would cheer me up in the hospital!

  3. Now Feb. 1 and am finally catching up with Lou’s progress, and Sharon’s
    adventures — never a dull moment. Sending love and best wishes……………

    PS — To Cath, Beth, Chrisie also — still without my email service. Hope my computer
    guy gets over his health problems soon, so he can fix up my service. It has now been
    a week without service. Bye now——-Gma

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