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Just some random updates from Northport. I broke my 10 day blogging streak – have been under the weather this week. Started a new medication for my diabetes, and it has some side effects for the first couple of weeks (hoping they go away). Not really too bad, but haven’t slept well which adds to my zombie like energy levels. Lou has been doing well – then yesterday he slipped on the stairs, so once again has a very sore butt. (He was wearing new slippers and the soles were slipperier than he thought. And yes, slipperier is a real word).

I will post an update on my adventures with Type 2 diabetes later, and will update on Lou. So far he is just pretty sore and can’t find a comfortable sitting position.

Last week, I was amazed at the longevity and resiliency of the hydrangea blooms. Wondering if they ever die?

Today I noticed they might finally be going to bed for the winter:

There is probably a poetic metaphor for the decaying hydrangeas, but let’s not go there today 😉 They are actually very pretty, and it is interesting to see some little bits still don’t want to give up.

Stay Safe ❤️

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