Let’s See Some More of Those Tetons

Tonight is our last in Grand Teton National Park.  We returned from Yellowstone yesterday evening and had a last dinner with our Photo Group.  This morning, I took a couple of the guys from our group down to try for another sunrise photo of the mountains (not much luck), and then we said goodbye to everyone at breakfast.  Everyone else was taking off, but we have one more night at the Jackson Lake Lodge – need to rest up for a long drive tomorrow.

We had a good time with the Photo Tour – we had a diverse group, including a gentleman from Australia, another from Japan, a couple from Idaho, a lady from Texas, and a professional photographer from Miami.  Our leader, Len, is from New Jersey, and is known for his wildlife photography.  He was the leader on our trip to the Smoky Mountains, and Lou’s trip to Denali – he does a great job, and he was one of the reasons we chose this particular trip.

Finally had a chance to start looking at some of our photos from the workshop today, as we stayed in since it was raining – and we are tired!  Here are some from our first sunrise session on Tuesday, Sep 18th.  We left the Lodge at 6am to drive about 30 minutes to a place called Schwabacher’s Landing.  We took a dirt road off the main Hwy to a series of beaver ponds, where we attempted to photograph the Grand Tetons and their reflection in the water.


This was taken before sunrise.  Our view of the mountains was obscured a bit by the smoke in the air from the local fires – this would get worse at the week went on.


The sun is rising behind us ( I guess that means we are facing West?) and you can see the reddish glow lighting the top of the mountain – this is the classic photo you strive for when you go to Grand Teton National Park (this isn’t exactly a classic, but we did get excited when we saw the color on the peak of the mountain).


A few minutes later – more color.  I was moving around, trying to find a beaver pond where the reflections would show up nicely.  The trees partially block the mountains, but I think I like this best of the ones I took.  Lou hasn’t had a chance to look at his photos yet.


This is a better location to get more of the mountain peaks in the reflection, but it was late when I walked back to this area, and the color had started to fade on the mountains.


Taken near the parking lot – the yellow scrub brush and some of the trees were so orange, it is hard to figure out if the color is right in the photograph.  We spent about an hour and a half at Schwabacher’s Landing, before packing up and driving back to the lodge for breakfast.

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  1. I can’t tell if those are pics of the Tetons (clever title by the way haha) or your next Christmas tree.

    Really awesome pics Sharon!

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