Let’s Go To Yellowstone…

Before we go to Yellowstone, I’ll share a teaser photo from our time here at Bryce Canyon National Park.  We’ve spent two nights here, and spent most of yesterday at the park.  I went early for sunrise photos, then came back for breakfast.  Lou and I then went back for the rest of the day.  We were so tired when we got back to our room, we soaked in the Hot Tub and went to bed early.

There will be more photos, but we need some time to sort and process them.  Here’s a peek:

It was somewhat awesome.  More photos to come.


Yellowstone – Sep 19th: After visiting the old barns, we had another fancy buffet breakfast, then packed everything in the van for the trip to Yellowstone.  It is only about 45 miles from Grand Teton National Park, but that just gets you to the entrance of Yellowstone.  We stopped along the way for a few photo ops:

Here is Len telling one of our guys, “Now, if you could see the mountains, the Grand Tetons would be right over there, just above Jackson Lake, which you can almost see…”


We stopped to take some photos of trees.  It was funny – about a half dozen cars stopped and people were all excited: “What do you see?”  When we said, “Yellow Trees,” most left disappointed.  It seems the popular way to spot wildlife is to follow all the parked cars.


Finally, we made it to Yellowstone.  I had to snap this shot from the van.  These pros just don’t understand the importance of documenting vacation travel 🙂


If you are as old as us, you can’t think Yellowstone without memories of Yogi Bear.  In my case, I thought of the newest Yogi Bear movie – it was so bad, I couldn’t even get the grand kids to watch it; “But girls, it’s in 3D !!!”


We stopped along the way to check out the sights, and I’ll try to remember to include a Photo Gallery at some point with more photos.  One thing that stood out was the evidence of the huge fire in 1988.   You can see the dead trees, with the new trees filling in   – it just needs another 50 years or so.


We finally made it to West Thumb Geyser Basin, where we took an hour to wander the basin and also had a picnic lunch.  This was fascinating, and it was also an opportunity to see Yellowstone Lake.  These photos are a combo of mine and Lou’s.









That’s enough for now.  Time to pack up and head to Zion National Park.  We will just do a ride through this afternoon, check into our hotel, and drive back to Cave Creek tomorrow.  I imagine Mij needs rescuing from Cocker Spaniel Puppy overload about now.

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