Let’s go to Alaska

Note – if you arrived here via a link we provided to read about our Seward & Kenai Fjords Adventure, you will find a link at the bottom of each post that takes you to the next post in the series.

We’ve already teased you with some of our Alaska trip, but it is time to start the chronological review of the trip. We do this as much for ourselves, as for friends and family. It is fun to go back and review years later.

Our flights were long but smooth. We arrived in Anchorage around 6pm and taxied to The Hotel Captain Cook. This is a very nice hotel, and one we would stay in again (we did stay later in the week, but I mean on a future trip). We headed up to the Lounge at the top of the Hotel, where we had our traditional celebratory toast to the start of the trip.

Here is a view of Anchorage from the top of the hotel. Remember this, because I will share another pic at the end of the week.

We had to be up and out of the Hotel before 5 AM the next morning to catch the Alaska RR train to Seward. Check out our baggage … we always give the kids a hard time about their luggage. We outdid them, but it does include two photo bags.

We already shared photos from the train, but here is one we missed. Taken when we went down to have breakfast in the dining car … Lou and his usual early morning happy traveler face 🙂

Will pick up the next episode in Seward, as we prepare to set sail for a four day tour of Kenai Fjords National Park.

Click HERE to see the next post about our Alaska Adventure. Note – I am backtracking you to our Alaska RailRoad trip from Anchorage to Seward, but after that you can come back to Seward.

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  1. Finally an update…I have been waiting breathlessly…OK I cannot believe your luggage. Did you pack up your whole house? I love that you are having a good time and that I can travel vicariously with you. Looking forward to the next episode. Love AMY

    • Haha. More to come soon. Jetlag has been real.

      Gone for two weeks, not sure about laundry or weather, plus too much camera gear, lol. Could easily have made it with half that.

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