Leaving the Galápagos Islands – Back to Quito

July 5,2018 – day 7 – disembarkation and travel to Quito

This day was all about making sure we were packed and ready to go.  We had breakfast and were entertained with some Galápagos videos while we waited to disembark the ship.  The crew was on a tight schedule … they needed to say goodbye to us, and get the ship ready for a new bunch of cruisers arriving at noon.





Panga rides back to the port, then a short bus ride to the airport.  Check in was long and slow, but let’s forget about the rough parts of travel.  We made it safely back to Quito at 5pm.  Then had to find luggage and  another 45 min+ bus ride back to the Hotel Casa Gangotena, where we had stayed before. Truthfully, Most of us were a bit out of sorts about another long bus ride, when we had to be back at  the airport early the next day.

As things do, this ended up working out to our advantage.  We agreed to meet at the restaurant for dinner.  Turns out they were totally booked when Lou spoke to the host.  But, no problem – they set up a table for us in the atrium.  We had a wonderful Ecuadorian Feast, our very own attentive wait staff  and a lovely venue to close out our time in Ecuador.  Good job, Lou!








A wonderful evening and the perfect way to cap off a great trip with family and good friends.  

This essentially ends my recap of the trip.  I already covered some of our travel woes on the way home, but let’s not relive those less-than-awesome two days.

I will probably follow up with my final thoughts, but am hoping to be able to share some guest posts by the rest of the crew.  I still have work to do on photos, putting Lou’s photos and mine into a Smugmug album for sharing.  

Thank you to all who have been following along!  We appreciate the support, whether in the comments here, in emails or phone calls (thanks, Jeannette – I just picked up your voice mail 🙂 )

Click HERE for Catherine’s Guest Blog.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the photos and blog from this trip very much! I do hope we’ll get a few guest posts on the experience.

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