Landed Safely

We disembarked today in Ketchikan. The kids headed home to California, and we are staying in Ketchikan – along with Kathy and Steve – for a Monday departure to Maine.

Photos to come. Here is one from an evening on the water … Saw some whales and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Later that night, the Northern Lights were seen and Orcas dove under the boat – true story! No photos of that magical sight, because A) I thought I was dreaming when the announcement was made so didn't get up, and B) it was too dark for the photos others tried to take!


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  1. Sounds like a magical second week’s cruise. I loved Ketchican–that was my favorite of the ports DCL stopped at. I’d have loved more time there. Looking forward to your photos! Safe travels home to Maine!

  2. Outstanding evening picture….I can even see the moon reflected in the water………..
    WOW! You should become a professional photographer, Sharon!!!………..
    many thanks for sharing…….
    love Grandma

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