Lake Clark National Park

Some info about where we are heading tomorrow – Lake Clark National Park is one of three very large National Parks in the Southern half of Alaska (Denali and Katmai being the other two). Lake Clark NP was established in 1980 and includes over 4 million square miles of wilderness – including glaciers, volcanoes, forests, lakes, and coastal wetlands. It is twice the size of Yellowstone but is one of our least-visited National Parks because you can only get there by small plane or by boat, and there aren’t many places to stay if you aren’t a backpacker or camper.

We will be visiting an area called Silver Salmon Creek.


We will be staying at a small lodge on the coast called The Alaska Homestead Lodge. The reason most people come here is to see and photograph Coastal Brown Bears in their natural habitat. More about how that works out once we get there. Coastal Brown Bears are also called Grizzly Bears, but Grizzlies typically live inland – like the ones in Denali National Park. Coastal Brown Bears are usually larger than Grizzlies and can weigh 1,000 lbs. Coastal Bears have access to more protein, especially salmon – so they tend to outgrow their cousins, the Grizzlies.

Back to Lake Clark National Park – we have never been on land here, but we have flown over it. On our last trip to Alaska, we took a one day outing to Redoubt Bay. We were hoping to see black bears, but it was mid-June and a bit early in the season. We did, however, see some beautiful scenery – some photos from our previous trip:

That will be us tomorrow, leaving on a Floatplane for The Alaska Homestead Lodge. Wish us luck! Internet may not be available from the Lodge, but we will update when we can.

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  1. Thanks for all the details. I was reading about the park last night, I wondered if you were seaplane or boating there. I was about to ask if you were backpacking or camping until I got to the next paragraph about the lodge. 😉 Looks like a wonderful trip can’t wait for all of the great photographs to follow!

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