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Kathy & Steve Arrived!

Kathy & Steve showed up on the afternoon.  Said they enjoyed the drive even though it is almost twice as long from their house, compared to the drive from Northport. 

They got settled in the “apartment,” and we visited. Then Lou cooked a delicious steak dinner. 


We had some excitement this morning; woke up to wind and rain, and then the power went out. As luck would have it, the generator would not start.  Fortunately, Cecil, our caretaker for the cabin, came over and fixed us right up.  He also turned the pilot light on the fireplace and got it going, with a little help from a friend.

It looks like the rain and wind are calming down, so I imagine there will be some walks later, and maybe even a drive.  No doubt, the wind knocked many leaves off the trees, but it should still be pretty.  

Be Safe !!!


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  1. Hi, Kathy! Hi, Steve! You both look great.
    We had rain and wild wind this morning, too. It’s over now and the air is much less humid and feels like fall again. Glad you got the power problem solved and the fireplace working.

    • It was nice to get the generator going. Cecil, our caretaker for the house, is going to be a godsend. Kathy and Steve say Hi back!

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