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I still need to take some photos of the pool project, but since Lou bought a Keurig Coffee maker for upstairs, I hardly ever venture to the first floor!  Now, about that microwave …

The plan is to try to keep the blog going over the winter.  Since we won’t be doing much travel, I’m not sure just how many swamp photos I can take – but hopefully we’ll think of something.  I want to see if I can get Lou to do a few posts on his train layout.  He works on it daily.



Here are some cute little animals to make you smile (I’m not sure if this is more interesting than showing you what we had for dinner, but they did make me smile 🙂 ):  [EDIT: hmmm, that may not have come out quite right … these adorable little animals have nothing to do with what we ate for dinner!]

(Photo Source: OrangeDonkey.net )

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  1. And this is the woman that accused me of crippling a squirrel and posted pics of a squirrel using a walker and wearing slippers and she posts pics of her erm…menu?

    Shame on you Sharon!

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