It’s Project Time!

Back from a little break from blogging. Life is good … just enjoying the warm humid summer!  It is finally cooling off today and should be in the 60s.  

It has been awhile since we’ve had projects going on (other than miniature ones in the train room). It’s been a busy few weeks:



Finally decided to to put a hot tub in, since we are now year rounders. Involved extending and replacing the side deck.  Electrical and reinstallation of railings hopefully completed in the next week or so.  Looking forward to soaking in the hot tub!!!

The other project involves replacing the back deck … the boards were warping.  Will also be setup so water doesn’t drip down to the basement patio.  

Next up is repainting the outside of the house.  Lou is definitely on track with his maintenance checklist!

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  1. Looking great/interesting with what is in progress,and what is planned. Seems
    normal, as Lou always seems to have a few ‘continuous’ projects.– very ambitious!
    How is your golfing coming along—enjoying between the rain, no doubt.

    Grandma Jeannette

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