It snowed – Again!!!

I was downstairs in the basement today, and when I took the dogs out, I was surprised it had turned so cold. Then, I noticed snow flakes falling – fluffy flakes just drifting down. (The description is because Lou says it was sleet). I tried to call Lou (you don’t think I’m going to walk up the stairs, do you?), but he didn’t answer. I sent him an email – he didn’t answer. I dialed Grandma’s number by mistake – she didn’t answer. I was all alone in the snow …

Lou had his last appointment with his surgeon in Bangor yesterday, and came out with an A+ on his report card. He will still see the local cardiologist, and he’s still going to rehab three times a week. AND – he can drive now!!! I’m sure he’s happy about that, since supervising my driving seemed to make him nervous.

Kathy sent this photo earlier today – how funny!

Puffin cereal


And, a couple of photos to show my exciting companions after the snow adventure of today – they were not particularly impressed:




PS.  I had to tell the snow story, because Lou said if it isn’t on the blog, it didn’t happen.

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  1. How many weeks does he has left __ doing the rehab? Hopefully enough that you will get to enjoy a Maine winter. Would be awful to have to return to Florida now that you are so close.

    I bet the dogs wished you were all alone in the snow! Hah ha!

  2. I think you need photographic evidence as well in order to fulfill the blog verification criteria…don’t tell me you didn’t have an electronic device capable of taking pictures with you in the basement!

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