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It is a Good Day when …

There is no mold on the blackberries you bought two days ago, so you can eat them with the yogurt you don’t really like but know is good for you.

We have had quite a problem with our fresh fruit supply, and it will only get worse as we go into winter.

First – an update on Lou He is very sore, but pushing himself to move around and keep his joints flexible. The biggest issue is the giant bruise on his left cheek ( the one he sits on). He saw the doctor yesterday, and nothing appears to be broken. We just have to keep an eye on the bruise.

I also wanted to clarify the extenuating circumstances that lead to his fall. I mentioned the slippery slippers yesterday, but I left out that he was in the process of spraying a rather large dose of room deodorizer as he went down the stairs. No doubt, some of the droplets landed on the stairs and made them even more slipperier (that’s my word of the week).

So you are thinking, ”Wow, just what has Sharon been doing in her Grandma Gamer Cave?” It wasn’t me, I promise! All I do in my cave is slay monsters and solve puzzles about ancient artifacts and the like.

We have a bad mice problem and our wonderful Pest Control Company had missed their last two appointments, so the traps in the ceiling were full and the basement was beginning to smell like a morgue. And, of course, the smell was creeping into the rest of the house. Lou was trying to clear the air, after the technician finally showed and got rid of the offending traps.

Hmmmnn … maybe we should switch Pest Control companies (again – we just got these guys last year). So far they have poisoned our dogs and indirectly lead to Lou crashing down a flight of stairs. I should add, the technicians are okay, but their office is bad at scheduling and communication.

Don’t worry – in spite of this less than 100% cheerful update, life is good. And, if we are lucky, the strawberries will also be free of mold!

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