It has been Friday All Week …

For some reason, I have thought every day this week was Friday … only to realize today that Friday doesn’t arrive until tomorrow! Being retired is tough. 

We are having new flowers planted, so will take photos tomorrow. For now, you are stuck checking out my latest iPainting efforts. I have been doing another online class about painting portraits, and it is just about finished. Here is one of my final projects – this is done a little different from my normal tutorials, where I can follow step by step. In this class, we learned many different techniques and practiced eyes, noses,  mouths, etc.  then we put it all together to draw a portrait.  We do get to use a reference photo.


I call this one “Orange Julia.”




Don’t worry, you don’t have to love it 😊- I am not entirely happy with it, but I learned a lot and had fun. 

Be Safe!!!

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