Home, Sweet Home

We arrived at the Bangor Airport at 12:45AM this morning.  We had decided we would stay at the hotel overnight.  That worked fine, except of course, neither of us could sleep.  Mij picked us up at 9AM this morning and had a couple of furry surprises with her.

I rode in the back seat with the pups.  Once they expressed their absolute joy and excitement of having us home (OK – they jumped around when they saw us, just as they would when they see anyone), they both decided to take a nap on the ride home:






Once home, clearly Stitch was happy to see us:



Natasha had to think about it …



Stitch was hedging his bets, making sure to keep a close eye on Mij:



We’re just relaxing, trying to stay awake so we can sleep tonight.  A nice sailboat went by to entertain us:


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  1. Really enjoyed all your photos, and comments. So glad you had a great trip! Looking forward to seeing more photos! Glad you’re home safe!

    • Thanks, Maris. Will be adding more of the Alaska photos, since we had so little internet time to keep up with them while in Alaska.

  2. Welcome back to Maine! I love the photos of the over-lapping dogs in the car. Guess they’re getting along!

    I tried to comment on the puffins, but got no option on that post. … Great photos! They look so different from the Atlantic puffins I’ve seen. I’m used to seeing them with the black around the eyes. They sure are great-looking, round birds!

    • Thanks, Laurie. Yes, the pups seem to have adapted to each other – just like typical siblings.

      The Puffin Post had comments off for some reason I can’t figure out. We are looking forward to seeing Puffins in Maine this July.

  3. Welcome home weary travelers!

    Enjoyed the pics and look forward to more once you get settled.

    PS – Love the fur pile on the way home. It’s almost too cute. 🙂

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