Here we go – a Day in Sitka, July 1st

(1 July 2016) I’ve shared a bit about this day already. but will go over it to keep the chronological flow going.  Lou, Kathy, Steve and I woke up in Sitka after our night at the Luxury Super 8.  While we could have walked to breakfast, Lou found a place he liked so we went for a short drive.  Turned out to be a good call.  Breakfast at the small Fly In – Fish Inn Restaurant was great:<


After our hearty breakfast, we drove about 5 miles out of town to visit the Fortress of the Bear – where bears are rescued and rehabilitated as much as possible.  They had 8 bears in residence – three black bears and 5 brown bears (grizzly / Coastal brown bears). Click on a photo to start the slide show.

I’ll show a photo of their enclosures tomorrow, but they live in very large abandoned concrete tanks.  Most of their environment is natural, but they have some “toys” thrown in for their entertainment.  I’d guess food might come through this door:

We were amazed at the number of bald eagles hanging out in the trees overlooking the bear fortress – little did we know, this was just the beginning of many eagle sightings:


We stayed with the bears for over an hour, before driving back towards town.  We stopped at another popular attraction – The Alaska Raptor Center, where eagles, owls, and other raptors are brought when injured.  They are rehabilitated and returned to the wild if possible.  This was a small site, but well done and very educational. The first photo shows two eagles in their inside enclosure, where they are learning to fly again.  This photo shows the white-headed mature bald eagle.  The immature, or juvenile, is the all brown bird.  It will keep this coloring for about four years:

We returned to the hotel and some of us went downtown for shopping.  That’s when we ran into the California Crew – Lou had picked them up at the airport:


Our first close up of a totem pole:


Being the original thinkers we are, we went back to the Fly In – Fish Inn restaurant for dinner.  It was again good, and our kind waitress was most entertaining.  She fully admitted the “iPad ordering system” was beyond her, but she did her best and we all got our meals (eventually 🙂 )  She gave Steve a big hug when we left … maybe she was just happy to see us go?


After a great dinner at the Fly-in Fish Inn restaurant, we had one last stop to make:

Yes, that is the long lost luggage. Whew, now Lou and Steve were set for the next two weeks.

This concludes our first day together with the whole group.  Tomorrow, we have the day to explore before boarding our ship.

Click HERE to continue following our adventure.

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