Hello Fresh – Part Two – The Real Deal

OMG – it is time! I actually have to cook. Okay, I know how to use a microwave.

We decided we would start with the Parmesan Rosemary Panko Encrusted Pork Chops. With Almond Couscous and Carrots. Easy Enough:

Let’s open the bag and get ready to nuke:



WTH??? (That is short for What the Heck, of course).  What is all this fresh stuff? I mean, Hello Fresh — didn’t have to mean send me fresh stuff, just taste Fresh!!!  Hmmnnnn. Okay, regrouping and checking the directions:


Yeah, this is cooking.  I can do this.  Note – Lou is conspicuously absent, watching Lester Holt in the other room.  So, I needed some encouragement, and poured a glass of wine:



I’m following the instructions … only takes 10 minutes to prep.  Yeah, I guess they didn’t think anyone would have to look up how to “zest.”  But, I did it.  I had to peel carrots and cut them too!  Plus wash the parsley and rosemary and all that stuff.  Geesh.



Let’s compare to the prep card:



I’m on a roll.  I had preheated the oven and cooked the damn carrots (I mean, you can buy a bag of these from the Jolly Green Giant):



OK … things start to get dicey here.  I have to mix the panko, parmesan, and coat the Pork Chops.  At this point, photography took a back seat.  I also had to get the couscous ready – which meant pouring it into a bowl, adding some water, covering it with plastic wrap and nuking for a couple minutes (I did that very well !!!).



Those pork chops look a LOT better than they did in the plastic packaging.  I put some oil in the pan and heated it up, but I will confess, I called Lou in to supervise this part.  I am DEADLY afraid of cooking meat.  I mean, you can really mess everything up.  But, I coated the chops, threw them in the pan when it was hot and Sizzle …



Wow … not going too badly.  Lou even showed me how to use a meat thermometer.  Who knew???

Soooooo … Lou went back to the News and I finished up.  I had to “Plate” the dinners and all that nonsense.  I forgot to mention – there was also a sour cream based drizzle that I had to prepare …



So yeah … that is it.  The first complete meal I have cooked in over 40 years.  It was actually quite good!  I think we were both amazed.  But kudos to Hello Fresh – the flavor was quite good.

The directions were reasonably easy to follow, even for a non-co0k, altho it was unclear what to do with the sour cream drizzle.  They said 10 minutes prep time and 30 minutes to cook.  LMAO … it took me 2 hours to put this together, but then … that was for a novice cook.

A pic of the end …a bit of a mess, but not terrible… I didn’t even drink my wine.



But, my absolute favorite photo of the night.  They were totally gobsmacked, could not figure out what I was doing in the kitchen –



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  1. Good job! LMAO I love those “this only takes 30 minutes to prepare”, maybe if you’re making scrambled eggs and toast… very impressive. No wonder I haven’t heard from you in 2 days, there’s the prep then the recuperation. 😁

  2. Congratulation, it looks delicious!! I’ve tried the food kits from Amazon and there’s a big variation depending on brand. Hello, Fresh has you doing quite a bit of prep work, but other kits give you the veggies already cut-up, grains like couscous pre-cooked and ready to nuke and only cooking and assembling is required. Did you enjoy making the meal? Now you’re in trouble! Good luck with the surgery, Lou. At least you know now you won’t starve!

  3. Congratulations to Sharon — for her accomplishment, and to Lou — for coming
    up with this idea! (S–nest meal, don’t forget to drink the wine!!!)

  4. Sharon that looks awesome!!! I have to confess, I used to think you’d be a great contestant on Worst Cooks (winning it all at the end, of course), but no longer! You zested, you breaded, you made a sauce?! You go girl!!

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