Hello Fresh – Part One !!!

Hi Friends and Family.  We have been quiet for awhile.  Big news coming up here.  I mean, REALLY BIG.

As many of you know, Lou is going into surgery next Tuesday for Knee Replacement.  Although he keeps waffling, that is the plan as of now.  He was concerned.  Very concerned, that he might starve while he was temporarily unable to get around the kitchen.  I do good takeout, but that isn’t readily available in Northport, Maine.

Unbeknownst to me, he placed an order with Hello Fresh  – one of those prepackaged food thingies.  Yep.  He expected me to actually cook.  (I thought just his knee was bothering him, but maybe I should have his mental health evaluated as well).

We came back from errands, and there was a box in plastic wrap unceremoniously thrown in the snow by the mailbox (no pic, sorry).  Not off to a very good start – this was our first shipment of 3 meals – complete meals – to be cooked by – are you sitting down – ME !!! The expression “LOL” is over used, but feel free to think LOL, LMAO, OMG, or any other one you can think of.

The box:



Someone has a sense of humor:



First look into the box:



Easy Peasy !!! Take the stuff out of the bag and pop it in the microwave.  My kinda cooking!



Each meal comes with instructions and photos:



This looks so easy, even I can probably do it !!!

Disclaimer – my Mother did teach me to cook.  I also took several years of 4-H cooking class (taught by Mom) and home ec in High School.  However, since meeting Lou, I have not been allowed to cook anything other than brownies and chocolate chip cookies.



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