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I saw a sight today that reminded me of our favorite haunted house, one we have admired for years. (I just reread that sentence, and duh, the reason it reminded me of our favorite haunted house is because it was our favorite haunted house. ) It is located about 20 miles away, near Searsport.

One of the earliest photos I can find was taken in 2011. We ran across this place when we were looking for a house to buy. The place was in pretty good shape, but had no water view, so we decided not to make an offer.

I usually asked Lou to slow down each time we would go by our almost house. Here it is in November of 2015 – obviously, this is one of our local attractions, since we took Beth there and made her pose for a photo.

Here it is in the snow a year later –

As the years passed, the house slanted just a little more. Rumor has it, the owner is a grumpy old guy who refuses to tear it down. A few years ago, he did install a couple of demo trailers, but he hasn’t made a lot of progress, other than the ravages of Mother Nature.

If only there had been a view of the water …

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  1. It is definitely your kind of house…I am surprised you didn’t make an offer…think about where Lou would put his train room. How could you let this pass you by…how disappointing…where did your adventure go? I believe that Casper, the friendly….whatever….lives there as well. AMY

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