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Happy Mammogram Day

What a weird topic, you might be saying to yourself. Normally I would agree, since few people enjoy having their boobs crushed. But, it is always a happy day when you have your mammogram and the results are good:

There is no mammographic evidence of malignancy. A 1 year screening mammogram is recommended. 

I have mentioned it before, but the Mammography Center here is great about getting back to you the same day of the exam. Here is my selfie for the month – it was nice of them to supply a gown in my favorite color (oops, my pants are too big):

I will also use this as an opportunity to remind everyone – check your breasts and don’t skip your annual mammograms. Seriously!!!

Now that you made it through the Public Service Announcement, here are a few of the fun memories from 2014. Thanks to Beth & Catherine for the hair:

Stay Safe !!!

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  1. I love your reminders….I continue to have my mammogram every year and have since I was 35…so far I am still OK but I love your photos and am so glad you are OK. AMY

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