Happy Birthday Lou !

We have two birthdays in May. Lou follows me by 8 days. I was not creative in the gift department, but did arrange a nice dinner at the Youngtown Inn. This is another of our favorite restaurants in the area.

We started with appetizers and salad … yummy.

Lou chose the lamb chops. A benefit of dining out. He gets one of his favorite foods and doesn’t have to be concerned that it is one of my least favorite … although these looked almost good enough to eat:

I chose the stuffed filet of sole … stuffed with scallops and crab. Rather amazing.

So that covers dinner. One point to note -and I know it is perhaps crass to talk $$ when describing dining experiences. A five course prix fixe chef’s choice dinner here is $50. Hartstone Inn was $55. We are amazed at the quality of food we can get here in Maine.

Dinner … there was no question I would go with my stand by … Grand Marnier Soufflé. Lou surprised me and also chose the Soufflé … the raspberry one. It came out with a sparkler to celebrate his post Medicare birthday:

So that was our evening. The folks here are so nice, and we always enjoy an evening at the Youngtown Inn.

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