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We have a treat for everyone today. Beth has shared a Guest Blog with us, and we all know her guest blogs are scrumptious 🥂

This week, Todd and I celebrated our 20th anniversary…twenty years since our first date! To celebrate, we’ve been looking forward to having dinner at our favorite fancy restaurant, Duane’s at the historic Mission Inn here in Riverside.  We rarely come here more than once a year, so when we do, we really go all out.

Wow, we are gray lol!

The service was great tonight, everyone greeted us and was extra nice. Catalino was our waiter and Jonah assisted. Catalino was great, but Jonah was very attentive and friendly and did most of the work. Not that we were too much trouble lol!

After some really good warm, soft on the inside, crusty on the outside bread and butter, we both started off with the main reason we like Duane’s…the lobster bisque. It did not disappoint!

Lobster Bisque

We also both ordered the bone-in ribeye. I asked for medium rare and Todd asked for medium and I think they swapped them. Todd’s was pretty rare. Both steaks were very good though so it didn’t bother either of us. You might find this shocking, but I added half of a grilled lobster tail, which was perfectly charred. Todd added a few scallops, and they tasted as good as they looked. Look at that carmelized crust… (Sharon, you would have loved these!) And don’t forget about the tomato with Boursin goat cheese, a yummy little salty, sweet and rich treat.

Beth’s Dinner
Todd’s Dinner

We each ordered a baked potato, not realizing they’d be the size of my open hand. No lie, these things were huge! The leftovers are going to make some good home fries tomorrow morning. (Update: The home fries were outstanding!)

Giant Potato

And I couldn’t resist my favorite dessert, crème brûlée. They went the extra mile and brought this to our table. It looked so good, even Todd tried it! He’s not sold, but as a crème brûlée connoisseur, I can vouch that it was top notch.

Beth’s Favorite Dessert

After dinner, we walked around the corner and went to Casey’s Cupcakes. Casey is the daughter of the Innkeepers, the owners of the Mission Inn, and she has a little cupcake shop on the back side of the Inn. She won Cupcake Wars several years ago and makes pretty and tasty cupcakes. The Beach Boy is Todd’s favorite and the Luscious Lemon is one of mine. I couldn’t eat it tonight if I tried, but since this is an annual treat, it was a necessary stop. They’ll be just as good tomorrow!

We got locked out of the gate that leads you back into the Mission Inn and ended up taking a leisurely walk around the front valet entrance. It was very busy with lots of folks dressed up. I downloaded this photo of that entrance from the UCR admissions website, but this is what it looks like. The hotel is beautiful and the grounds are quite lush for being in the middle of downtown.

We had a really nice evening and appreciate you celebrating a milestone anniversary virtually with us. Cheers to another 20!


Thank you, Beth & Todd for sharing your special evening with us. We love you both, and send wishes for 20 more great years!

(Sharon here – I just have to add – Beth volunteered this Guest Blog all on her own. No coercion from me. Such a proud moment!)

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  1. Beth, you look GORGEOUS! Absolutely beautiful! The dinner looks scrumptious (I can never get that kind of delicious crust on my steak) and I’m so happy you had a wonderful evening together. Happy anniversary!
    P.S. Todd, you look very nice as well 👍

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you and what a wonderful way to share it with each other. Here’s to 20 more. AMY

  3. I have to agree. I LOVE the picture of you and Todd.
    You both look amazing!
    Here’s to another 20 years!

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