Guest Blog – Mij sees Maine

Mij has been kind enough to share some of her photos with us from the month she has been here with the pups.  She did a great job seeing many places we haven’t begun to explore, and it’s great having the inside knowledge she has picked up.

For today, I’ll share some of the animal photos she’s taken.  She went to the Maine Wildlife Park, York Zoo, a few other places,  and found bears, moose, eagles, and more!  We went all the way to Alaska, and I think Mij did as well or better within 2 hrs from home.

Moose - Maine WIldlife Park

Moose – Maine WIldlife Park


Eagle - Maine Wildlife Park

Eagle – Maine Wildlife Park


Fawn - Maine WIldlife Park

Fawn – Maine WIldlife Park


Bear - Maine Wildlife Park

Bear – Maine Wildlife Park


Baby Goat - York Zoo

Baby Goat – York Zoo


Tiger - Dew Animal Sanctuary

Tiger – Dew Animal Sanctuary


Orange Butterfly - York Zoo

Orange Butterfly – York Zoo


We’ll have some more tomorrow!  Thanks much to Mij for showing how much is available so close to home.

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