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Guest Blog – Max Joins the Family

We have an exciting update. Chrisie has kindly written a guest blog to tell us about Max. Read on …

We got a puppy! He was born on February 13th in Tennessee. He’s a Labrador, Retreiver mix.

We’ve been discussing a dog for Louie. We looked into the local shelter here. We looked and looked and Yan fell in love with ‘Adair.’ When we got to the shelter we were introduced to many dogs that fit our profile.

I was leaning towards an older dog. Then they took us to the puppies. The one I picked up happened to be Max!

He was named Adair in the shelter. It was instant love. And he was the only one Louie would touch. 

We adopted him and then had to wait for him to be neutered. He had surgery on Friday and we picked him up on Saturday. Louie was a very happy boy.

First night was a lot like the first night with Louie except for taking him outside because he had diarrhea 🤣. Second night was much better.  He likes his crate. He has learned if he naps outside of the crate, we won’t leave…but nothing like a snuggly crate compared to the cold tile. He pees and poops outside (most of the time.)

He’s a good puppy. He likes crinkle toys, not squeeky ones, and is Full of energy!

Meet Max:

Chrisie sent this pic through late this afternoon. Max is watching dogs on a PBS special. He may take after his Uncle Stitch.

Thanks so much for the guest blog, Chrisie. We think Max is beautiful, and we look forward to hearing more about the Adventures of Louie and Max ❤️

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  1. Max is sooooo cute! He looks so soft and fluffy, no wonder why you were drawn to him! Congrats to you, Yan and Louie, and welcome to the family, Max! 🐾❤️
    PS We will need updates as he grows (probably very quickly) into those long legs!

  2. Hi, Max! I hope you and Louie have a blast growing up together. Puppies are a lot of work, but so worth it.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. Max had his first in the crate poop accident today. The house is now getting sparkling clean 🤣

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