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isla seymour norte
First glimpse at a land iguana! Unfortunately, this poor guy didnt make it. This island was also covered in birds. We saw a ton of baby boobies!
punta vicente roca
We saw this guy while on a panga ride through a sea cave!
punta espinosa
We walked across new lava rock for this hike. Along the way, we encountered a large sea lion, too many lava lizards, a whale skeleton, and some marine iguanas.
tagus cove – isabella 
This hike started in a bay where old ships would write their names on the cliffs. What looked like graffiti was a decades old guestbook. Also, this baby sea lion was blocking our way up the stairs while he posed for pics!
isla rabida
My favorite hike! We saw a couple Galapagos Hawks and the landscape, with the red dirt and bright green cactus contrasting with the deep blue ocean, was very beautiful.
Thank you, Olivia, for your unique view of the islands. You were a great travel companion, and we hope to share more adventures in the future.
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  1. Wonderful photos. That one of the Isla Rabida landscape is amazing, and also the bleached-out skeleton against the dark sand.

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