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This isn't technically a Guest blog, since this is supposed to be Lou's blog too. He doesn't often do an original contribution, but has one for today:


In how many houses has this picture hung before finding the perfect niche?

In other news, the potluck was a success and we had a nice evening. There were about 16 people, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


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  1. Well, I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do know when something looks good and that picture looks perfect there!

  2. Glad the evening was a success! I agree, that tableau with the picture is perfect, right down to the dog toys in the basket.

  3. okay…four is my answer – running springs, pomona, palm beach gardens, maine

    Not 100% sure that it was ever unpacked and hung up in pomona though…

  4. The tiger maple table was designed and hand crafted by a local furniture maker. The wood is amazing – as is the craftsmanship. The glass jar of sea glass was collected by Kathy from our beach. The basket of granite “slices” was gathered by Olivia and Victoria from our “beach”. The dog toys were not put in the basket by our dogs!

  5. I think Cath is right, but just to be different, I’m going to say FIVE because it might have had a short stint in the Phoenix house. 🙂

    Glad the party was a success and hope the pups forgive you for jailing them up for the night! I think with a treat or two you’ll be in the clear.

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