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OK everyone,

I thought it was about time I gave my feedback about what an incredible trip this was to the Galapagos…Best part were my traveling companions…my Sister Claudia, Sharon and Lou who I have known since college for over 40 years and Catherine and Olivia…who were a real treat, fun and both with great senses of humor…I have known Catherine for a very long time as well. I would go anywhere with you guys again…just tell me when.


I have submitted Catherine’s “armpit photos” to the National Geographic new species competition and they tell me you have a real chance. Sharon took a great photo of me with my sister and commented that I looked like I was from law enforcement, while Claudia looked like a movie star waiting for someone to ask for her photograph.

(Edit by SMD … actually, we said Amy looked like a Cub Scout … still cracks me up!)



I loved the tortoises the best because I finally found something that moves slower than me…and I won’t “go there” with the blue boobies. Spectacular trip, people and adventures. More to come. AMY



Thanks, Amy!  It was great sharing the adventure with you and Claudia.

And this completes our report on our Galapagos Adventure. We are hoping Claudia gets time to do a guest blog, because I know it will be spectacular.

I want to thank Lou for arranging this trip, starting over a year in advance. It was great to see Claudia and Amy again, and traveling with the Holmes family is always a treat. We missed Mark and Tory, but hope to see them on future trips. Catherine did an admirable job filling in for Tory, and Olivia seemed to enjoy all aspects of the trip.

Congratulations to Olivia for successfully completing high school, and for getting accepted to USC. We wish you the best as you navigate your college career.

Click HERE to read our wrap up of the trip.

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  1. Actually Catherine they called me and were so impressed with your armpit that they are starting a whole new competition in your honor…calling it “armpits of the world unite”…you should be so proud…I cannot wait to see the photos. AMY

  2. I love the tortoises too – they’re awesomely massive!
    So glad you guys had a great time! I’m loving the pics and stories!

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