Good Morning from Maine

Expecting rain today and tonight … would rather have more snow! Remind me of that statement in a few months.

If you have scrolled through the blog recently, you’ve seen our continued catch up efforts to organize past trips. All of these are now included in the More Travel Stories links.

Our 2015 Denali in the Fall Photo Safari was updated, and it was a very scenic trip with lots of snow covered tundra, some pretty views of Wonder Lake, and a bit of wildlife.

The surprise best seller so far has been the recap of Lou’s 2008 Denali in the Fall Photo Safari. These lovely photos have been languishing on his hard drive for a decade, and it was a treat to see Denali through his eyes, and enjoy the burst of fall colors.

And just added, for your viewing pleasure (but mainly for our virtual memory book) was another 2008 visit … our trip to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is mostly a collection of Lou’s photos with a few of mine.

Where to next? Each time I think I’m all caught up, I realize there are more hidden gems. For example, there is a very brief Blog on our Arctic Spitsbergen journey, but it doesn’t include any of Lou’s photos. And I’ve found a bunch on the disk he gave me for Denali and the Smokies, so that is my best guess for our next tour. But there is also our train trip to Glacier National Park. And then, we’ve not really shared many of our Bryce or Zion photos. And how about a collection of Acadia memories? 🤔 … lots to do!!!

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