This is not all of the food we have had, but it is a good selection. Mostly healthy selections at breakfast and lunch, with a few splurges at dinner. This montage does not include our take out dinner from The Rack – it might have brought the healthiness quotient down quite a bit.

There are several meals shown here – the top group is a delicious sweet Italian sausage and penne pasta treat, served with salad and real ranch dressing! Catherine started this one off by grilling a few lobster tails as an appetizer. It all smelled so good, Mr. Bear had to join us for dinner.

Then we have a classic DeHayes dinner – grilled steak, baked potato, and salad. Oops – someone apparently got carried away with butter and the ranch dressing. Accidentally, I promise 😉

If you look closely, you will see a luncheon special, prepared by Catherine – grilled cheese and tomato soup – yum!

Closing out this round is dinner a-la-lotsa-lobstah. Lou picked up some fresh Lobster meat from Young’s Lobster Pound before we left Northport. He and Catherine shared a hearty helping of sautéed lobster, while I had a very nice grilled chicken breast with spring vegetables.

We have one more big meal to go, as Catherine leaves tomorrow. The plan is to go out again.

Be Safe!!!

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