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Flowers Again

The only news we have is our weather forecast. We may see a big snowstorm this weekend. Some say 5-8 inches, others say up to a foot. They haven’t been very accurate with forecasts so far. We will be prepared.

I have my third set of flowers – the fourth and last assignment is due this week. I have learned a lot. I did not know I would be in the midst of slaying diabetes when I signed up for the course, so my time has been more limited than I would have liked. I may sign up for a follow up course in the spring or summer when I don’t have to use grocery store flowers!

This was the winning image for the week:

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  1. The flower studies are amazing. Makes me look at supermarket flowers in a new way!

    The forecasts are now for over two feet of snow in Boston tomorrow, with hurricane-force winds. The most snow ever from one event was 27.6″ and we could beat that record. This is the same date we got over two feet in 2015, the year we had 9 feet for the season.

    • Thanks, Laurie. I remember that 2015 storm. We didn’t get as much as Boston, but it was a lot. This is going to be our biggest in a few years. But sunshine is predicted for a few days after, then rain. So no idea what we will end up with.

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