Florida Update

Arrived safely at Cayman Place on Wednesday. Caught up with Martha and she insisted on helping unload the car. The house, as usual, is in better shape than when we left.

I spent the afternoon dueling with Comcast to get the Internet working, while Lou checked out his new bar-b-que and other things around the house.

Thursday was an almost all day affair as the technician from Dish TV was here to hook us up. Fortunately, Alberto was a professional with lots of patience. He finally sorted out the mess our Comcast friends had left, and we appear to have working TVs with much improved service for half of what Comcast was charging.

The dogs settled right into Florida life. Natasha found the toy box within 20 minutes of arrival and had to get her favorite ball. Stitch went right to where he knew Lou had treats hidden. They have also reclaimed their favorite resting spots:




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