Finally – Something New !!!

Big news here – we took the decorations off the tree, and it will be put away soon. Yes, that's the Christmas tree I'm talking about. At least it's not February!

Let's see, as for other news, I finally saw the new Star Wars movie. Lou went to a small model train show, and … Ummmm, that's it. We had some birthdays in the family – Beth and Victoria celebrated January birthdays. Happy Birthday, girls!!! And, Yan is celebrating a birthday in Indonesia – Happy Birthday, Yan!

We also celebrated the fact that it was four years ago in January when we brought Natasha home. She turned four in November – I know you are all surprised we didn't host a birthday celebration at Disney World or something – maybe next year!

From January, 2012: the first photo is Natasha sleeping in her carrier as we waited to board the flight from New York to Florida:


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  1. Among our “January birthdays”, the second year celebration for little Louie is
    January 30, as you know. Bet you are issuing a special notice to celebrate this

  2. Glad you didn’t post any of my baby pics, especially next to that tiny, cute fluff ball!

    Happy birthday Yan!

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