Even More FALL News …

Backstory … I am trying to eat better and also get more exercise. I do this periodically, but I’m serious this time! (It is okay to smile at this point). I bought a new Apple Watch to track my strenuous workouts.  One of the new features is calling 911 when it detects a major fall (Think … “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”). 


I accidentally called 911 today when playing with some of the watch settings. (I didn’t actually Fall). The dispatcher was very nice, and she asked questions to verify I was not being kidnapped or held against my will. She said this happens often with the Apple Watches. I tried to play this low key with Lou, who was in the garage working on his projects. 

Fast forward almost an hour …

Lou:  “Hey Sharon … the Sheriff is here for you.  You need to come here”

Me:   “Oh sh%t”

The nice Sheriff confirmed I was, in fact, okay. He and Lou then proceeded to bond over their lack of love for Apple products. 


I think I will just put my gadgets away and slink away to my Grandma Cave …

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  1. Absolutely hysterical. I am sure that Lou got a great laugh about all of this but at
    Least now he has a law enforcement buddy. AMY

  2. Too funny! Poor 911 operators and police officers…. but maybe they like the comic relief. If the watch falls, but you’re not wearing it, what happens?

  3. Marge was holding her Apple watch up while she read your blog. She
    was going to show me how she could call 911. I told her, NO. I do not want
    her local friends to show up! (that is where she worked for about 10 years)

  4. Between this and the Denali incident, you’ve had more run ins with the law in Maine than you’ve had in your entire life! LOL

  5. I forgot to tell you, Sharon – last week I somehow dialed 911 on my Apple Watch too while I presenting a training to a group of about 140 teachers. In the middle of my spiel I hear “hello, mamam, this is 911, are you there, hello?” I finished my sentence, gave the audience a discussion question, and ran offstage in time to pick up when they called again. Luckily the Irvine PD dispatchers have a good sense of humor – she told me to give the teachers of IUSD a greeting from IPD 😀!

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