Duck the Halls with Gobs of Honey …

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  We had a quiet and relaxing day.  Lou went duck hunting earlier in the week, and spent Christmas morning preparing to cook it.  He had a couple of interested helpers.

This duck looks a little uncomfortable…




Didn’t even notice how close a certain nose was to the duck until I looked at this photo:




Twirling on Lou’s new Bar-B-Que with Rotisserie Attachment:




The duck cooked for about 2 and a half hours.  Here, the pups are convinced they should be outside helping:







Lou is dripping some honey on the duck.  The inside is stuffed with oranges:











We had rice and salad with the duck.  It was a delicious meal.  The nice thing about the rotisserie is it helps to remove most of the fat from the duck.  We kept the rest of the dinner simple, since it was just the two of us. And, we are going to be eating a lot this coming week.  Catherine, Mark, Olivia, and Victoria arrive tonight, and we’ll be cruising starting Sunday.

We also want to thank folks for the nice gifts – we got cheese and more from Grandma; a nice Treat Gift Basket from Chrisie, Yan, and Louie; Pretty Flowers from the Holmes family, and a selection of nice cheese and more from Beth and Todd (and Jack!).  I intended to take photos of everything, but we kind of … ummm … dove into the food items before picture taking occurred.



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  1. Todd says mmm the duck looks great, congrats Ohio State (really! he said it and meant it!) and happy new year to you both!

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