Dinner with Friends

Today, we continued Mij’s tour – we drove through Camden and visited the boat.  Then, Ben & Emily came by for dinner, and Lou cooked a delicious roast beef dinner for all of us.

The evening started with great excitement – Lou, the great wildlife spotter, saw movement outside by the garage and car.  Next thing I knew, they were all yelling,
“It’s a Beaver, It’s a Beaver…”  I’m like, “uh huh – a Beaver, sure thing.”  Mij and I went into Lou’s den, and then we saw it, running down the side of the house:


Holy Moly!!! It really is a Beaver.


Ben had to go see if he could find the Beaver, all the time telling us it was probably rabid...

Ben had to go see if he could find the Beaver, all the time telling us it was probably rabid…


So after almost getting a decent photo of the Beaver, we went back to chatting in the kitchen.  And then, Ben screams — “there it is.”  I’m excited, thinking I might have a chance to get a better photo of the Beaver.  Um, no … it was a ship …



So, dinner was just about ready … our first time using the new table.  We did have to bring in the Arizona Indian chairs …



And then, more excitement – another ship!  We are still watching for the commie subs.



Finally, we get to sit down to dinner – check out the roast – and the clock (notice we are eating before 8 PM 😉




Of course, Natasha had to get a special hug from Aunt Emily:


So – lot’s of excitement here tonight!  Mij didn’t know what she was getting into.  And, I might add, the Beaver Jokes were rampant throughout the evening.



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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all — with friends, beaver, boats, and new table!
    The ‘AZ Indian chairs” look nice with the high back, and allowing walking space
    between the table and the windows. Like your new-area placemats. From the
    looks of the roast, ‘the chef’ has adjusted to his new kitchen with flying colors!

  2. You might need a night vision camera to catch a pic of a sub! Best chances are early, early morning or late, late night!

    Where are the ships coming from? Going to? A rabid beaver sounds tame compared to the snakes falling out of the sky in Florida! Hah ha!

  3. Hmm, I thought beavers only worked with wood, but I like what yours did with the stepping stones on the stairs, nice touch!

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