Day 5 Quick Update

The Traveling Sisters Care Team finally arrived in Maine! They spent Friday night in a hotel in Washington DC. On Saturday morning, they had breakfast and made a short visit to the Smithsonian before going to the airport for their 1pm flight.

Once on the plane, there was some concern about whether it would actually leave. A somewhat disgruntled pilot arrived and there was more delay. They finally took off and arrived in Bangor at 3:20pm. Then began the real fun, as they got to play the “Where oh where is my luggage game.” Turns out, there was not one single piece of luggage on their plane, and it was filled with passengers from the previous night’s cancelled flight. Apparently 14 hours was not enough time to organize baggage.

The most important outcome of the day – the Traveling Sisters Care Team arrived safely, and we (especially me 😂😂😂) were delighted to see them both. They looked a little worse for wear upon arrival, but soon sorted that with a visit to the spa and some pizza.

Zombies arrive in Maine

They still don’t have their luggage. After hours of frustration trying to contact American Airlines, they have finally been told it will be delivered today. Our advice – don’t fly cross-country right now unless you absolutely have to. The personnel situation at the airlines is a total mess. We thank the Traveling Sisters Care Team for making this sacrifice to help us out for a week.

As for the patient, no news is good news. He is doing well, and not complaining about anything except our stupid mattress. Tomorrow we have an Occupational Therapist coming to tell us how to prepare the house for his recovery and rehab. LOL- might have been nice to have that conversation last week. Physical therapy comes again on Tuesday.

That is all we have for this morning. Will update later if anything exciting happens. And Happy Father’s Day! We will have a little celebration sometime today.

Stay Safe !!!

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  1. I’m so glad the team has arrived after such a long and frustrating trip. After watching the news and seeing all the airline troubles over the last week I was worried that they wouldn’t make it at all.

    Hope Lou continues to improve and you all got a good, long sleep last night.

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