Day 4

I was hoping to announce the arrival of the Traveling Sisters Care Team, due in from California. But, their plane was cancelled last night and they have spent the night in DC. Hopefully their new flight is not cancelled, and they should arrive this afternoon.

Fortunately, Beth and Catherine are traveling together, so they can entertain each other. And yesterday was Catherine’s Birthday. We plan to celebrate it all week, once they get here. Here they are at the start of their journey yesterday.

Their plan today was to go out to breakfast and visit a museum before going to the airport.

We finished yesterday’s story with us arriving home and Lou trekking up the stairs to the bedroom. Things have gone reasonably well, although getting comfortable in the bed is sometimes difficult:

Stitch was disappointed he could not lay his head on Lou’s chest, so he took over the ottoman for the night.

Lou had a visit from the Homecare Physical Therapy group yesterday morning. Renee was quite helpful and also checked his bandage. She got him up and moving around, and gave him some exercises to keep the leg from getting too stiff.

The hardest part about this right now is Lou getting up from a sleeping position, then standing up. I try to hold his leg and keep it fairly straight while he turns off the bed. Then it is difficult for him to find a good place to leverage his weight as he pulls himself up. I imagine this will get easier as the days go by.

Looking good

It has been hard to get him to eat. I am sure that is not a reflection on my abilities in the kitchen. I made him a ham and cheese sandwich last night. Maybe it didn’t look exactly like this one, but I did toast the bread and put lettuce and tomato on it.

We slept reasonably well last night. At least I did. I was sound asleep at 4am when Lou woke me because he thought the dogs were into something. They seemed to be sleeping, but that was the end for me. I had already enjoyed a deep sleep so it was all good.

Lou has been up and got dressed. His knee pain is higher today, as they said it would be. The pain med they infuse into the knee is gone now, so he has to take his pain meds and also do his exercises. Since the TSCT did not arrive yet, I had to come up with breakfast. I went with a staple, English muffin with peanut butter and raspberry jam. The strawberries were a nice added touch 😉. And notice the real plate.

It is almost 11am, and I think the patient is napping. I expect he will be texting shortly to get out of bed. Check in tomorrow for more adventures.

Almost forgot, we woke up to a beautiful morning. Just got a note from Kathy, and she commented how the rain we have been getting is really making everything grow. And it is so green, as you can see here:

Stay Safe !!!

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    • Thanks, Amy. Have you ever had joint replacement surgery? I don’t think so but couldn’t remember for sure. I haven’t had it, and I hope I can avoid it!

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