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Day 4 … Progress

We have almost unfinished packing the boxes, and I took some trash to the transfer station today (no curbside pickup here – living here really is a lot like Running Springs).  Lou made good progress on the kitchen stuff.  We did find a slight problem:

The Griddle / Sandwich maker didn't survive ... knew we should have got a George Forman!

The Griddle / Sandwich maker didn’t survive … knew we should have got a George Forman!


Quite an other worldly view out the back early this morning:



And – we have TV !!!  I hooked up the DVD player last night and watched a movie (Lou fell asleep).  Today, Jeff came and installed DISH TV !!!  And, it works.  We have TV in the master bedroom, in the basement, and in the loft guest room (when we get a TV for there).



Our neighbors stopped by to say hi, and told us the internet service through the local phone provider wasn’t bad, so we’re also going to give that a try and.

It just takes patience …

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  1. Doesn’t look like the dog was very impressed with Dish TV! Critters out back in Florida and now out the back looks like there could be real monsters!

      • Ever since I was about 5 and saw the boogie-man … tall brown and yellow with those old white with black dot eyes! And a rattlesnake camping on the front porch later in life will do that to you! Hah ha!

  2. View is very Twilight. I’m sure after a few more movies, you’ll be seeing zombies rising in the mist. 🙂

    Bedroom looks nice – like the shade of green – looks really nice with the white trim and light floors.

    PS – We don’t need TV anymore. I have access to your decorating blog now!

  3. We just bought a sandwich maker. We had two choices: Dora or Spongebob. We went with Spongebob. Would you like us to order you a Dora the Explorer Sandwich maker? :))

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