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Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Natasha is going to have us brought up on charges. Lou found this collection of small tennis balls when we were in Florida. They are the size of golf balls and Natasha absolutely loves them. She can’t have them, because she will drive everyone nuts when she keeps putting them under the furniture.

I put them on top of the fireplace, thinking they would be safe from prying eyes. Somehow, someway, she spotted them today. This then lead to a very insistent, and crying dog. She HAD to have those balls and she was determined to get them.

UhOh, here comes Stitch to offer advice. He is the houndini of getting to impossible places. This can’t be good.

Oh yes, advice from Stitch … “Climb up on something, anything, to get you closer to your prey” (which, in the case of Stitch, is usually a loaf of bread).

After watching this for 15 minutes or so, I distracted Natasha and hid the small tennis balls. She is still convinced they are up there somewhere, but is not as obsessed – for the time being.

Now she naps, no doubt dreaming of all the little tennis balls …

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  1. She would drive you crazy in 10 minutes. We occasionally fall for her sad act and give her one of these balls. We always live to regret it.

  2. Poor Princess Natasha! I’m amazed that she zeroed in on those balls up on the mantle. Kind of scary to see the two of them trying to solve the problem. Watch out when they start moving furniture around!

    • I know – the two together spell trouble. We are watching her closely, because she is still obsessing. Even after I have shown her there is nothing on the mantle. Had to put my computer on the chair to keep her off it when we went to dinner!

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