Cooking 101

Cooking is Difficult

In my quest to try and stay healthy, I am getting back in the kitchen.  While I have to continue trying to keep the Type 2 Diabetes in check, I also have been told to keep my sodium in control. Of course, we all know that, and have probably been told the same by our doctors,  but there is nothing like an unexpected three week spa visit to drive home the point. 

Lou has also been helping and is trying to keep the salt use to a minimum in his cooking. 


Today, I made up a batch of the quick Chipotle pinto beans. These make a good low cal dish when served over lettuce and riced cauliflower.  And a few sprigs of cilantro help to give it the Mexican flare.



It tasted pretty good, especially when I added a dollop of sour cream. It would have been even better, had I actually used Cilantro instead of PARSLEY !!!  Yech. It was fine once I picked the parsley out. I did buy cilantro – I even checked my grocery slip. Guess I am not the only one who can’t tell the difference!!!  

Cooking is hard for some of us …


Be Safe!!!

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