Christmas Dinner

Oops – forgot to post this earlier.  Jeannette made it to the house about noon, and we had a  nice day and then Lou cooked a delicious roast for dinner.

Christmas Dinner-3


Christmas Dinner-4


Christmas Dinner-6


None of the humans were up to posing for photos, but the pups waited patiently for Lou to accidentally drop something (he didn’t):

Christmas Dinner-7


Our reindeer/moose center piece:

Christmas Dinner-5


A few more photos from the tree.  Oops, the angel on top is crooked – I told Lou not to worry about it.  Figured it was better to be safe than have a straight angel …

Christmas Dinner-8


Christmas Dinner-2


Christmas Dinner-1


The tree skirt is missing – didn’t want to tempt Stitch.  So far, he has not paid much attention to the ornaments or the tree.

Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday – The first batch of California Kids arrives tomorrow, then Beth gets here next week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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